Reservoir Cafe Achieves Vegetarian Society Approval

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Reservoir Cafe

This week, UCSP Ltd staff at the Reservoir Cafe were delighted to hear that they had achieved Vegetarian Society approval of their vegetarian and vegan menus.

The Vegetarian Society influences, inspires and supports people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle. They work constructively with businesses, government agencies, policy makers and professionals, whilst always remaining independent. In order to achieve their prestigious  food & drink guild accreditation for the cafe, UCSP needed to demonstrate that the cafe’s menus met the following criteria;

  • Free from animal flesh or any ingredient resulting from slaughter
  • Contain only free range eggs
  • GMO Free
  • Cruelty Free – no animal testing
  • No cross contamination with non-vegetarian ingredients during the production process

Perched on the edge of the University of Plymouth campus overlooking the Drake’s Reservoir and Gardens, the Cafe is one of only a handful of dedicated vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Plymouth. It is already very popular with students, staff, local residents and local businesses in the North Hill area however the staff are keen to welcome members of the Vegetarian Society wishing to sample their food.veg_soc_approved_full_rgb-jpeg-for-web

Click here for more information about the Vegetarian Society.

Click here for more information about the Reservoir Cafe.

Freshlings Nursery Supports Innovative South West Company

Vicky Smith, Richard Adams; Sally Marks and Kim Webster with children from Freshlings

We are delighted that children from our nursery are amongst the first to sample the innovative new Totsup Big Red Bus, a fun and interactive reward charts from South-West start up firm Totsup. As UCSP Childcare and Education Development Manager, Vicky Smith said:

“At Freshlings nursery we are very open to new ideas and love being the first to try out new products or ways of working. It was great to see how well the children responded to the Big Red Bus, particularly Elodie and William who worked really hard on their pictures.”

A huge thank you most be given to Totsup Founder Sally Marks who donated the products to the Nursery. As Sally explained:

“I have been developing the Totsup red bus over the last two years and it has undergone extensive testing as well as input from an educational psychologist and early years educators. While we now have a really good grasp of how it works in the home, we have less experience of seeing it in a nursery, so this is a great opportunity for me to get some ideas on how it can best work in a childcare environment.

My reason for donating the buses was primarily to thank Plymouth University for the support they’ve given me in getting Totsup off the ground. As a GAIN20 member I’m delighted that they were able to give me match funding to support my Crowdfunding campaign, which has been invaluable in getting Totsup to launch stage.”

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UCSP Ltd win Innovation Centre catering contract

New venture will see award winning catering services operating from Cornwall’s Tremough, Pool and Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centres

  • The cafés in the Pool and Tremough Innovation Centres will be open from 1st September
  • UCSP Ltd keen to work with Centre clients, management and visitors to shape an offering which enhances the Centre experience
Tremough Innovation Centre
Tremough Innovation Centre

UCSP Ltd and Cornwall Innovation Centres have recently agreed a contract which will see the Plymouth based commercial services company offer their award winning catering at each of the three Cornwall Innovation Centres.

The Tremough, Pool and Truro based centres are focused on supporting all growth, knowledge and innovation-led businesses including those from the media, creative, eco, environmental, and health and wellbeing sectors. Support is offered to businesses at all stages of their journey from incubation through to mature enterprises looking to innovate and grow.

As part of this offer, commercial conferencing facilities are offered and UCSP will support by offering event catering. In addition, their award winning, local, sustainable and fresh food offerings will be available within the building’s cafés.

Matt Hodson, UCSP Commercial Services Director said; “Our team has significant experience running modern cafes linked to serviced buildings/ facilities, hospitality services to underpin business activities and event catering for large scale events. We are very much looking forward to working with Innovation Centre Clients and Management to ensure we provide a service which really enhances the experience of working in or visiting the Centres. We want them to feel that it is their café.”

Pool Innovation Centre
Pool Innovation Centre

Richard Snell, Centre Manager at the Tremough Innovation Centre agrees; “It is vitally important to us that the overall experience of the centre is a positive one and the standard of food and drink has a large part to play. I have experienced UCSP’s offer at their University of Plymouth outlets, and am hugely excited that they will be bringing their expertise to the Cornwall Innovation Centres.”

Currently, UCSP is supporting catered events and mobilising the Cafés in the Pool and Tremough centres. It is expected that there will be a full service from 1st September.