Retail Catering

Food photography in Drakes Coffee and interior decorUCSP has significant experience running modern cafes linked to serviced buildings/ facilities, restaurants providing a full range of hot food, hospitality services to underpin business activities and event catering for large scale events. We understand how to tailor an offer to meet the needs of our customers and ensure a consistency of quality across our offering.


Food photography in Drakes Cafe Grilled Chicken Salad *** Local Caption *** Healthy fast food cuisine

We understand that a good catering offering can enhance the experience of those working within the building, and also add value to the overall experience of those visiting. We have a vast amount of experience in delivering such a service and firmly believe in the following statements.

  • The retail offering in a building should reflect the needs and wants of the occupants,
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff communicating with those using the facilities and responding to their needs, builds loyal customers,
  • Quality, freshness and value always beat cheap and convenient.

In terms of retail outlets, UCSP currently provides;